About - Linked Learning

What is Linked Learning?


Linked Learning provides students with the benefit of two distinct worlds, academia and the real world workforce. Far too often it has been proven that what is taught in the classroom doesn’t translate when a student starts their first job.

With Linked Learning, students in an Engineering and Architecture pathway might learn about geometry and algebra while designing and building a structure. Students in an Arts, Media, and Entertainment pathway might learn persuasive speaking and writing skills for pitching film ideas. The success of Linked Learning is grounded in its relevancy and rigor. Pathways connect learning with students' interests and career aspirations. Students are able to answer the question, "When will I ever use this in the real world?"

The Linked Learning Initiative integrates four core components:

  • An  academic  component  that  includes  core  A-­‐G  courses.
  • Technical courses that help students gain the knowledge and skills to give them a head start on a successful career.
  • A series of work-­‐based learning opportunities that begin with great speakers and job shadowing and evolve into internships or apprenticeships.
  • Support services including counseling and supplemental instruction in reading, writing, and mathematics that help students master the advanced academic and technical content necessary for success in college and career.

Linked Learning in California

Today in California, 63 school districts have organized high schools around one of the state's 15 major industry sectors.

Seven districts in Los Angeles County are implementing Linked Learning impacting over 45,000 students.

The Executive Champions Group

This group of leaders provides guidance to United Way of Greater Los Angeles and the LA Regional Coalition for Linked Learning on effective ways to implement Linked Learning from a business perspective. They use their visible leadership to influence local and state officials to ensure Los Angeles receives resources for Linked Learning.


The Executive Champions Group includes:

  • Chair, Dennis Arriola, SoCalGas
  • Leticia Aguilar, Union Bank
  • Brian Cohen, Alamont Capital Partners
  • Michael Czarcinski, Westin Bonaventure Hotel
  • Troy Dawson, Spectrolab (Boeing)
  • Michelle Freyre, Neutrogena
  • Carol Jackson, Macy’s
  • Noel Massie, UPS
  • Carmen Moch, Target